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Green Manure

Green Manure – Why & How To Grow Green Manure

In this video I show how easy it is to use a green manure to improve nutrients, soil-structure and reduce your work on the vegetable plot as well

How To Plant Shallots

How To Plant Shallots

I've never been able to understand why more gardeners don't grow shallots. They have lots going for them and are easier to grow than onions and keep better.

Treating Whitefly With Pesticides

Treating Whitefly With Pesticides

This video about treating whitefly with pesticides contains an important message about the use of any pesticide or herbicide as well as demonstrating use.

Growing Potatoes in Sacks

Growing Potatoes in Sacks

Growing potatoes in sacks enables everyone to grow at least a few on the patio or even a balcony You can start them in a greenhouse for a really early crop

Efficient Watering

Watering the Plot Efficiently for Better Plants

Efficient and correct watering saves time, money and water as well as producing better plants and crops In this video I explain watering properly for plants

Tomato Sideshoots

Free New Tomato Plants from Sideshoots

Tomato Sideshoots How to remove sideshoots from tomatoes and use them to provide free new tomato plants. This is so easy you'll wonder if it is true!

Carrot Thinning

Thinning Carrots

I grow my carrots in half barrels and just scatter seed, thinning later. These thinnings are a gourmet dish - not wasted. The rest of the carrots grow on.

Propagating Strawberry Runner

Propagating Strawberries from Runners

The strawberry plant only has a good productive life of 3 or 4 years. Propagating strawberries from runners is easy and free. This tip will help you.

Storing Potatoes

Storing Potatoes Tip – How to Store Potatoes

Correct storage will enable you to be self sufficient in potatoes as one year's harvest will last until the next year's harvest begins

Organic Slug Pellets

Safe Organic Slug Pellets How to Use Slug Pellets

The easy way to defeat slugs is to use these wildlife and pet safe, but effective organic slug pellets based on Ferramol as this video explains

Plant Spacing Measuring Stick

Easy Plant Spacing Measuring Stick

One of the most useful tools in the garden that cost next to nothing to make is my plant spacing measuring stick. The video shows it in all its glory!

planting Leeks

Planting out Leeks – Growing Leeks

How I grow leeks on the allotment with a video showing how I plant out the leek seedlings to blanch and grow on

How to Use a Hoe

How to Use a Hoe – Types of Hoe

Some different types of hoe and how to use them are demonstrated in this video. Correctly used, a hoe is one of your most useful and effective tools.

Growing Cucumbers in Pots

Growing Cucumbers in Pots Video

Growing cucumbers which can be a difficult crop in a pot. This one thrived on neglect and produced really well. Growing cucumbers in pots worked really well

Greenhouse Watering

Greenhouse Watering Tip

Greenhouse plants can easily be killed by thermal shock when watering. Avoid this risk with these tips on greenhouse watering