Growing Cucumbers in Pots Video

Growing Cucumbers in PotsCucumbers can be a difficult plant to grow. They need a lot of water but if the stem gets wet on the soil they’ll rot off in an instant. As well as the problem of keeping them watered, cucumbers are susceptible to mildews as well. However, I think I’ve found the answer to a obtaining a brilliant crop from a pot.

Growing Cucumbers in Pots

One of the forum members sent me some Egyptian cucumber seeds and I ran out of room for planting. So I used one of my converted flower buckets (bought as 8 for a pound from the supermarket and drilled drainage holes in the base) as a pot for one.

It was left on the bench and trailed down to the floor which didn’t seem to bother it at all.

This cucumber was really prolific despite not being properly looked after. I think I only fed it about three times in the season and it was allowed to dry out a couple of times.

Just goes to show what you can get even if you don’t do it ‘by the book’!

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