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Growing Lupins - Deadheading

Growing Lupins Deadheading

In this video on growing lupins deadheading, Sam Youd, head gardener at the famous Tatton Park Gardens, shows how to properly dead head your lupins.

Pruning Forsythia

Pruning Forsythia – How to Prune A Forsythia

If you've found yourself unsure where to start pruning forsythia bush when it's finished flowering, this video will give you the answers and show you how

Daffodils from Pots

Daffodils – Planting out from Pots

Planting the daffodil bulbs grown in pots out into a lawn or border will give you many more years of pleasure. How to take them from pot to border explained

Staking Herbaceous Plants

Staking Herbaceous Plants

A video with a simple free and quick way to stake out your herbaceous plants with an extra tip at the end that we should all take note of.

Seed Sowing Tips

Seed Sowing Tips

This seed sowing tips video shows us how to sow seeds in trays. Like much gardening it is simple on the surface but there's more to it than meets the eye.

Sweet Pea Frames Support

Runner Bean Canes & Sweet Pea Frames Video

Sam Youd shows us his bean frames and sweet pea obelisks in this video at Tatton Gardens. We link to other articles on growing and supporting runner beans

Making Hanging Baskets

Making Hanging Baskets – How to Make Hanging Baskets Video

Why pay a fortune at the garden centre when you can make your own hanging baskets easily? You can have a hanging basket the envy of your neighbours!

Deadheading Daffodils

Deadheading Daffodils Video

Deadheading daffodils is good practice to ensure energy goes into the bulbs to give a good show next year of quality flowers. This video shows how.