Pruning Forsythia – How to Prune A Forsythia

Pruning ForsythiaIf, like most of us, you’ve found yourself unsure where to start pruning back a bush like a forsythia when it’s finished flowering, this video will give you the answer.

Pruning Forsythia

Presented by Sam Youd, head gardener of the world famous Tatton Park Gardens, it shows you exactly where to start and how far back and where to cut. One of the secrets of a good garden is keeping bushes compact and not letting them straggle everywhere looking a mess. Bit like a good haircut! But less random.

Forsythia are popular shrubs and certainly look magnificent when in flower but if you leave them to just grow year after year they become very straggly and try to take over the garden.

As you make each cut, you need to think how the plant is going to react, where it will put its energies into growth. The aim of pruning forsythia is to end up with a well shaped bush that is covered in a mass of flowers next season.

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