Preparing an Onion Bed

Preparing Onion BedFollowing on from the video Onions from Seed in this one, Simon Tetlow, deputy head gardener at Tatton Park Gardens shows us how he prepares a bed for the onions. This bed would be suitable for planting out the onion seedlings or sets or, indeed, for direct sowing onion seed into the ground.

Preparing an Onion Bed

Simon starts by adding a good later of well rotted manure to the soil which he then incorporates using a Mantis Tiller and creates a good tilth. Having raked and levelled the bed, being as it’s an onion bed and onions like a firm soil he firms the seed in with his spade.

Another way of firming the ground for an onion bedwould be to do the heel and toe gardener’s shuffle up and down the bed using your body weight to firm up the soil.

There are articles on the site that will help you grow better onions.

Growing Onions for Showing

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3 comments on “Preparing an Onion Bed
  1. andrew says:

    Good and easy to see what’s going on and the whys and wherefores

  2. Very well done and I agree about growing from seed. Grow from seed every time. I plant on Christmas day this has done me well for five years now but this year, as well as planting from seed, I picked up some sets from pound land in Yeovil Somerset. They grew very well too. I will do both next year. More videos please

  3. Norman Jones says:

    Just been watching the Video of planting onions from seed, ground preparation etc, liked the tip on firming the soil after planting the Onion seed. Can I firm the ground before planting Onion Sets?

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