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The graft on a fruit tree

T Budding & Chip Budding Grafting of Fruit Trees

In these videos Ian Sturrock, heritage fruit tree expert explains another two methods of grafting fruit trees. T Budding and Chip Budding.

Training Fruit Trees

Training Fruit Trees to Structure Growth

In this video about training fruit trees to structure growth, Ian Sturrock shows how to prune a maiden fruit tree to achieve various shapes.

Growing Graft Wood

Growing Scion Graft Wood to Propagate Fruit Trees

How to grow the scion graft wood when propagating fruit trees which are comprised of two parts: the fruiting wood which is grafted on to a rootstock.

Whip and Tongue Grafting

Whip & Tongue Grafting Fruit Trees

In these videos Ian Sturrock who grows rare, heritage Welsh fruit trees shows us exactly how to graft fruit trees using the whip & tongue grafting method.

Pruning Apple Trees

Summer Pruning, Winter Pruning Apple Trees

Videos and explanation of the different purposes, timings and methods for summer pruning apple trees and winter pruning apple trees.

Welsh Apple Varieties

Welsh Apple Varieties, Heritage Apples

Specialist fruit grower Ian Sturrock shows some of the Welsh apple varieties he grows and sells from his nursery near Bangor in North Wales

Buying a Fruit Tree

Buying a Fruit Tree – Points to Look For

Points to look for when buying a fruit tree. All you need to know when buying a tree online or mail order and when buying a fruit tree from a garden centre

Apple Diseases

Identifying Apple Diseases & Apple Problems

We join Welsh fruit tree expert Ian Sturrock at an apple day clinic who shows us how to identify apple diseases and the causes of of apple problems.

Thinning Apples

Thinning Apples – How, When & Why to Thin Apples

In this short video, Ian Sturrock, Welsh fruit tree expert explains why you should thin out the apple crop, when to thin the apples, how to thin apples.

Winter Pruning Fruit Trees

Winter Pruning Fruit Trees

Simon shows us how he does winter pruning of his apples in the walled orchard at Tatton Gardens to get good bumper quality crops from disease free trees.