Welsh Apple Varieties, Heritage Apples

Welsh Apple VarietiesIn this video on Welsh apple varieties, specialist fruit grower Ian Sturrock shows some of the varieties he grows and sells from his nursery near Bangor in North Wales

The beauty of these heritage Welsh apple varieties is that they have been selected for the climate conditions that exist in Wales. These climate conditions are similar in the North West of England, South West of England and the North of the UK.

Not only will Welsh apple varieties grow better in Wales etc., Welsh apple varieties are far more disease resistant. Ian even grows the standard Bramley cooking apple to give himself a reservoir of disease to test his Welsh apple varieties against.

He shows and discusses these Welsh apple varieties in the video:

Bardsey Island Apple

A rare and unique variety from Bardsey Island. An early eating apple with lemon aromas. The sweet fruit will keep till November.

Afal Nant Gwrtheryn Apple

A delightful golden russett with a fascinating fennel flavour. Found in the quarry managers garden in Nant Gwrtheryn on the Pen Llyn, North Wales.
Welsh Cox Apple (Cox Cymraig)

Unlike Cox’s Orange Pippin, this variety is easy to grow and is disease resistant. It produces a medium fruit with excellent balance of sweetness and acidity.

Trwyn Mochyn Apple

First recorded in the 1600’s, this large, late season, green cooking apple with a unique shape has long grown on Anglesey. Very disease resistant.

Gwell Na Mil or Seek no Further Apple

Seek no Further (Monmouth) is a fine light russeted mid-season eating apple. The creamy white flesh has a brisk nutty aromatic flavour.

Pig Skin Apple (Croen Mochyn)

Found in Gaerwen (Ynys Mon – Anglesey). This hardy variety with frost resistant blossom is ideal for Welsh gardens. The fruit stores very well.

St Cecilia Apple

This is a vigorous and heavy cropping tree, producing fruit with intense aromatic flavour. The flavour is said to be at its best on St Cecilia’s Day (Nov 22nd)

Pigeon’s Beak Apple – Pig y Glomen

An old welsh mid season cooking apple. Origins uncertain. Large and round with pale green skin. Lovely flavour, little additional sugar needed when cooking. Fruit often have a raised area by the stalk, hence the name.

Diamond Apple

On the night of 2nd January 1825, the Diamond was wrecked on Sarn Padrig, an undersea reef in Cardigan Bay. The cargo of premium apples was washed ashore. Seedlings from these fruit eventually gave rise to the famous Diamond Orchard of Dyffryn Ardudwy.

Tin yr Gwrdd – Goose’s Arse Apple

Goose’s Arse (Dyfed). A large green, tangy early cooking apple. Named after its shape, not its flavour!

More Information on Heritage Welsh Apple Varieties

There is more information on the heritage Welsh apple varieties and other fruits on Ian’s web site where you can purchase specimens. Welsh Fruit Trees

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    What is the best method of storing or freezing Trwyn Mochyn apples please?

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