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Allotment Garden TV – Gardening & Recipe Videos

Welcome to Allotment Garden TV Videos!

Allotment Garden TV

We’ve a library of exclusive gardening videos that we’re putting online for you along with selected public videos that we think you’ll like and find useful.

The exclusive videos  have been made by me, John Harrison, and some by great gardening experts like Sam Youd, head gardener and Simon Tetlow deputy head gardener at the world famous Tatton Park Gardens.

John Harrison

John Harrison

Sam Youd

Sam Youd

Simon Tetlow

Simon Tetlow

We’re covering quite a range of subjects, from planting potatoes to propagating a camellia from leaf bud cuttings.

They’re all straight forward, factual and to the point. Real gardeners, not celebs.

The exclusive video clips are professionally produced by Mark Hampshire who works on broadcast TV, makes DVDs and internet TV productions.

As well as gardening videos, we’ve also got some short recipe videos he produced showing how to produce sophisticated dishes – the chef’s secrets!

We’ve also got some gardening equipment videos and plan to bring you more reviews of garden equipment and machinery over time.

There are some things that are easier to explain with a picture and if a picture is worth a thousand words then who knows what a short video is worth!