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Growing Courgettes

Growing Courgettes Video

Courgettes, when young, don't like having their feet wet but when they're producing fruit they need quite a lot of water. This video shows the solution

Making Muck Tea Plant Feed

Making Liquid Manure Tea – Muck Tea

Simon Tetlow, deputy head gardener at the famous Tatton Park Gardens, shows how to make liquid manure tea fertiliser, aka muck tea in this video.

Pinching Out Broad Beans Tops

Pinching out Broad Beans Tops

Sam Youd, head gardener at the famous Tatton Park Gardens, explains pinching out broad beans tops and shows when to pinch out broad beans and explains why.

Harvesting Early Potatoes

Harvesting Early Potatoes Video

Simon Tetlow deputy head gardener at Tatton Park Gardens harvests his first early potatoes and gives us a few tips on home growing them at the same time.

Preparing Onion Bed

Preparing an Onion Bed

This video show preparing the onion bed for planting out onion seedlings, sets or even for sowing onions directly into the ground featuring a Mantis Tiller

Bulb Onions From Seed

Growing Bulb Onions From Seed

Growing onions from seed, usually undercover either in a greenhouse or coldframe is easier than you might think and avoids any disease problem

Watering New Plants

Watering New Plants Technique

When you water young plants, past the seedling but not fully grown, you can cause harm to the soil and to the plants See how watering should be done.

Soil Warming Methods

Soil Warming Tips – Methods & Ways to Warm the Soil Video

This video presented by Simon Tetlow, shows various ways of soil warming so that you can get ahead of the season, bringing April to March etc.

Sowing Parsley

Sowing Parsley – Getting Parsley to Germinate

Sowing parsley is a fantastic simple tip to ensure your parsley germinates. It's so easy to get a good crop of parsley when you know how to do it.


Create a Victorian Hotbed for your Garden

Create a small Victorian style hotbed on an allotment or in the garden following the instructions in this video to bring the season forward by a month or so

Seed Sowing Tips

Seed Sowing Tips

This seed sowing tips video shows us how to sow seeds in trays. Like much gardening it is simple on the surface but there's more to it than meets the eye.

Pricking Out Seedlings

Pricking Out Seedlings – Transplanting

In this video Simon Tetlow, deputy head gardener at the world famous Tatton Gardens, shares his secrets for transplanting seedlings successfully.

Planting Potatoes

Planting Potatoes – How To Plant Potatoes Video

A video showing the traditional method of planting potatoes, shows the chits on potatoes and says when to traditionally plant out your potatoes.

Sweet Pea Frames Support

Runner Bean Canes & Sweet Pea Frames Video

Sam Youd shows us his bean frames and sweet pea obelisks in this video at Tatton Gardens. We link to other articles on growing and supporting runner beans

Planting Broad Beans

Planting Out Broad Beans Video

Starting off broad beans in pots for an early crop is my preferred method. This video shows Sam Youd from Tatton Gardens planting out broad beans. It's easy

Planting Brassicas

Planting Sprouts & Cabbage Root Fly Prevention Tip

How to plant out your sprouts and leafy brassicas - the cabbage family- and control the dreaded cabbage root fly for next to no cost or time at all.

Trench Celery

Growing Trench Celery

This is the standard traditional way to grow trench celery, blanching the leaves. The video shows the preparation of the trench and planting out in June