Planting Sprouts & Cabbage Root Fly Prevention Tip

Planting Sprouts and other Leafy BrassicasIn this video Sam Youd, head gardener at Tatton Gardens shows us how to properly plant out your brassicas; cabbages, sprouts, cauliflowers etc. as he plants out his Brussels sprouts.

He also shows a great and almost free tip to stop the dreaded cabbage root fly from getting at your crop. Easier than collars and better than chemicals! Cabbage root fly doesn’t just attack cabbages, most leafy brassicas including sprouts are at risk. You won’t believe how easy this tip is until you see it!

Planting Out Sprouts & Other Brassicas Video
Including Great Tip to Stop Cabbage Root Fly

See also information on leafy brassicas, brassica problems etc:

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  2. Keith Payne says:

    Anyone planting brassicas in a whistle and tie deserves full credit

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