Making Hanging Baskets – How to Make Hanging Baskets Video

Making Hanging Baskets

Making Hanging Baskets is easy when you know how. Why limit yourself to flowers when you can have a productive basket as well?

Why pay a fortune at the garden centre when you can make your own hanging baskets easily and quickly?

Here Sam Youd, head gardener at the famous Tatton Gardens shows you how quickly and easily you can plant up your own hanging basket.

You can have, as Sam says, “A Mega hanging basket to be the envy of your neighbours!

Making Up Hanging Baskets Video

Making Hanging Baskets – Tips & Method

With round baskets, set the hanging basket in a large pot to support it whilst you’re preparing and planting up.

Use plenty of sphagnum moss – don’t skimp on it!

Use a good quality compost to fill the basket. Adding some water retaining crystals to the compost and some slow release fertiliser will help ensure a fantastic display throughout the season.

When you plant up, go for plants that grow tall in the centre with trailing plants around the edges and planted into the sides.

Start liquid feeding immediately after planting and continue throughout the season. Remember the hanging basket will be absolutely packed with roots.

Starting your plants early and building your basket early, keeping it under glass until the weather is right means you will start the year with a great display.


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