Planting Out Broad Beans Video

Planting Broad BeansIn this video Sam Youd, head gardener at Tatton Gardens shows us how to plant out broad beans which have been started off in pots in the glass house to get a really early crop.

Although you can sow broad beans, and most other beans, directly into the ground, if you start with pots you avoid having gaps in the rows.

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This is exactly how I like to grow my broad beans. Although they are hardy and won’t be hurt by low temperatures, the extremely wet conditions we have here in the wettest part of the country, means seeds are more likely to rot in the ground.

Starting off in pots always results in a great germination rate – 95% is not unusual for my broad beans and the shelter and warmth in the greenhouse means they germinate and take off faster than in the soil.

Like Sam in the video, I use 3″ pots except mine are square. As he pointed out, the roots migrate to the bottom of the pot so don’t worry if the potting compost breaks up at the top. Just pull some soil over.

The only point I can usefully add is that if late in getting the pot grown broad beans planted out, the roots will circle round and matt at the base of the pot. Just tease them a little so they will start into the ground as you plant out.

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4 comments on “Planting Out Broad Beans Video
  1. Rosemary Slater says:

    I’ve been told by several people to pinch out the growing tips of broad beans when they start to flower to prevent black fly.
    My beans started to flower at about 6 inches high–I didn’t know if I should have left them to grow taller or nipped out the tip at 6 inches.They are now about 2 foot tall and have a few beans on them, should I nip the tops off now to prevent them going taller.At the moment I havn’t seen any blackfly, I’ve planted tagetes in between the beans. I’m a bit confused as to when or, if I
    should nip out the growing point.

  2. John Harrison says:

    Usually you wait until the plants are a bit taller than 2′ (depending on the variety) and nip out if they’re under attack from blackfly.
    Since yours aren’t I’d leave well alone

  3. stella price says:

    I’ve never grown broad beans before and I have a winter crop now that are flowering. They look healthy, but I wonder if I should do anything to help at this point. I don’t understand how to pinch out the growing tips of the broad beans do you have a video on this and is it really necessary? Thanks.

    • John Harrison says:

      @stella price: It’s easy enough, just use your thumb and forefinger to pinch off the growing tip. You don’t need to do it but it helps the plant bush out and stops the blackflies from attacking the tender tops.

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