Runner Bean Canes & Sweet Pea Frames Video

Sweet Pea Frames SupportIn this video, Sam Youd, head gardener at the famous Tatton Gardens explains the importance of well constructed support for your runner and climbing French beans. He also shows us wigwams made of tree branches, leaving the side shoots on, to support sweet peas.

The tree branches with the side shoots offer better hold for the sweet peas and, because they are natural and decorative, look better than just running the sweet peas up normal bamboo canes.

Runner Bean Canes – Supporting Runner Beans

We’ve some articles on the site about growing runner beans. There’s a general article on how to grow runner beans which covers the basics along with an article Supporting Runner & Climbing Beans | Building Bean Frames

Apart from the traditional bean frame it covers wigwams, string support and the dog lane frame that is becoming increasingly popular.

We’ve also got three articles on growing runner beans for show:

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