Planting Potatoes – How To Plant Potatoes Video

Planting Potatoes

A Chitted Potato for Planting Out

Sam Youd, head gardener at the famous Tatton Park Gardens, plants out his seed potatoes. He shows you what is meant by a chit as in chitting potatoes and when to plant out your potatoes as well as the correct method for planting them.

Planting out Potatoes

In the video Sam plants out his seed potatoes in the traditional way but there are variations even on the traditional method of planting out potatoes – making the hole using a bulb planter or drawing a trench and laying comfrey leaves in the base or grass cuttings.

Because potatoes are a staple and important crop, I’ve covered them in a lot of detail both on the web site.

Detailed information on the site about growing potatoes which you can read up on here:


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