Growing Lupins Deadheading

Growing Lupins - DeadheadingAlthough a traditional cottage garden plant, Lupins will grace any garden. They do tend to get ignored though and eventually lose strength. In this video,  Sam Youd, head gardener at the famous Tatton Park Gardens, shows how to properly dead head your lupins.

Growing Lupins Deadheading

When growing lupins, deadheading will have two benefits:

First it encourages the plant to keep on flowering and extends the season

Second it re-directs strength back into the roots instead of seed production so the plant will improve year on year.

There are new hybrid varieties of lupins coming onto the market but the traditional lupin is still, for my money anyway, a perfect decorative flower.

Often we’re bombarded with promotions for ‘new’ and ‘unusual’ flowers and lose sight of those traditional flowers that have graced our gardens for donkey’s years. A patch of bright mixed colour lupins will make any garden cheerful.

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