Safe Organic Slug Pellets How to Use Slug Pellets

Organic Slug PelletsPeople do all sorts of things to defeat the slugs and snails yet the old fashioned answer of slug pellets has fallen out of favour even though it is effective, cheap and easy, because of fears of harming pets and wildlife

Now there is an answer in that you can use the safe Ferramol based Organic Slug Pellets, which I think are actually better than the older and cheaper metaldehyde based pellets, and get rid of your slugs and snails.

You can buy these in the shops and we’ve got a huge range of slug prevention methods on the site. I like to use these Organic Ferramol-Based Slug Pellets pellets on my plot.

As someone with 4 cats, I’m not willing to take risks with them and I know these organic slug pellets are safe if used correctly.

Always read the instructions on the pack and follow them. Using too many slug pellets can actually be counter productive

The same goes for any garden chemical – even organic ones!

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