Growing Potatoes in Sacks

Growing Potatoes in Sacks

After making a video for this site, we made a few videos for Marshalls which I’d forgotten about until they uploaded them on Youtube and I was contacted by a gentleman in Kuwait for advice on growing potatoes in sacks!

Growing Potatoes in Sacks – Main Points

  • Use a bag between 30 and 40 litre capacity with drainage holes
  • Use a good quality compost – the finer the better. Cheap composts with bits of wood and so on will damage the crop
  • Add a little fertiliser to the compost as you top up the bag
  • Put three well chitted seed potatoes in per sack – no more.
  • Keep well watered as they grow – never let the compost dry out but don’t drown them!
  • Use a first or second early variety of potato

Growing potatoes in sacks enables everyone to grow at least a few on the patio or even a balcony.  You can even start them off really early in a greenhouse and move to outside when the weather improves later in the season.

There is a lot more information on the site about growing potatoes

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