Easy Plant Spacing Measuring Stick

Plant Spacing Measuring Stick

There’s an awful lot of gadgets pretending to be useful tools that you can pay a fortune for. This plant spacing measuring stick cost next to nothing, just a bit of old scrap wood and a marker pen.

Most things tend to be spaced at either 4″ (100mm) or 6″ (150mm) or multiples of those. For example, potatoes can have the rows 2′ apart. Rather than guessing or messing about with a tape measure I made myself a measuring stick marked out as I want to do the job.

It really didn’t cost me anything but it’s been far more use than most of the gadgets I’ve bought over the years to help me garden and grow more.

Some additional points about my plant spacing measuring stick:

  • You don’t need to mark 3 inch spacings as they’re easy to estimate by eye (half the 6 inch)
  • Use an indelible marker pen to make the lines
  • Put 4″ and 6″ clearly in big letters on the respective sides – it’s saved me more than once
  • You could apply a clear varnish after marking up the stick – I didn’t and am still using the same stick after 12 years.

Here’s exactly how I marked it out and use it.

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