Thinning Carrots

Carrot ThinningI grow my carrots in barrels and just scatter seed across the surface rather than sowing in rows, thinning out later. These carrot thinnings are a gourmet dish in themselves

I’ve found I get get far better quality carrots and parsnips by sowing them in a mixture of compost and sand rather than my heavy clay soil. They’re in half barrels raised above the ground which is supposed to deter the carrot root fly, although I’ve not found it so. I think they fly as high as they want to!

Thinning carrots is best done late in the day or early evening. The carrot fly is less likely to be about then. Carrot fly is attracted by the smell of carrots and thinning carrots releases the carrot scent for the fly to home in on.

By leaving them to grow on a bit I can take out thinnings at a reasonable size to cook. Being small they’re really tender and sweet, even raw. So they are excellent for salads as well.

You’d pay a fortune for these baby carrots in a restaurant!

The carrots left in the barrels just grow on to larger sizes that are suitable for storing.

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