Green Manure – Why & How To Grow Green Manure

Green Manure
In  this video about green manure I briefly cover the main points you need to know about why to use a green manure and when. A lot of people are put off using green manures as the information around makes it all sound complicated and a lot of work

As I explain and demonstrate, they’re actually very easy to use and a green manure crop can actually save your time and effort.

Green manures suppress weeds, so you don’t have those to keep hoeing whilst the ground is under manure! They retain nutrients and improve your soil structure at the same time.

More Information on Green Manure

There’s a more in depth article here: Green Manures – Uses & Types of Green Manures



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One comment on “Green Manure – Why & How To Grow Green Manure
  1. Pamela Clare-Joyce says:

    Green manure, GREAT! Buckwheat is also good and if you get a few volunteers next season, they have pretty pink flowers and the bees love them. Definitely into them big time!
    [Comment edited down to relevant content]

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