Backyard or Garden Ducks & Water

Keeping Ducks in Back Garden

This video is about keeping ducks in the backyard – where two pet ducks, Bumble & Bee share the yard with the chickens. They’re drakes (boys) so she doesn’t get any of those lovely rich duck eggs from them but they great fun and very friendly.

These pair are Aylesbury ducks and quite large, in fact they’re as big as geese! You might think you need a pond to keep ducks but you don’t. It is important that they have access to water though so they can clean themselves.

They were a little cautious of me but run to Cara (my daughter) and sit on her knee for a cuddle. The original plan was for them to end up in the pot but something went wrong along the way..

You can get away with just providing a bucket of fresh water for them to preen with but they’re far happier if they have have enough water to get in. Ducks actually only spend a short time in there but in the summer they love a shower. A garden sprinkler puts them in heaven.

Ducks are a great helper in the kitchen garden – they love snails. Their droppings are useful as a compost activator as well. Some of the egg-laying ducks are as productive as hens and duck eggs are very rich – excellent for baking and egg dishes like quiche or custards.


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