Hens Stopped Laying

Hens Stopped Laying

We all know that egg production falls off in the shorter and darker days of winter but we had a bit of a mystery on our hands. From a dozen eggs a day we found ourselves with quickly falling numbers and finally one day with no eggs at all! Why had our hens stopped laying?

Some of the hens were in moult so you’d expect them to stop laying for a while but it was only three hens moulting which didn’t solve the mystery. It was autumn but not the darkest or shortest days by far so that wasn’t the answer as to why our hens stopped laying.

Each morning, we’d hear the hens triumphant shouts as if they’d laid an egg, but the nest boxes were empty. Can you guess what happened? Obvious in hindsight but it took a while for us to work out why the hens seemed to have stopped laying.

Hens Laying in Strange Places with John Harrison

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2 comments on “Hens Stopped Laying
  1. dabhand says:

    Hilarious John! That happened to me a couple of years back. I found a good supply of eggs under a bushy shrub.

  2. Samuel Stephen says:

    Smart chickens!

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