Controlling Red Spider Mite

Controlling Red Spider Mite

Red spider mite is one of the worst problems in glass houses, especially older houses and large houses with lots of nooks and crannies for them to survive in.

Given the right conditions, warm and dry, a major infestation problem can develop in just a couple of days.

Red spider mite is a common sap-feeding pest causing mottled leaves and early leaf loss on greenhouse and garden plants. Heavily infested plants are severely weakened and may die. It’s a very small pest so you may need a magnifying glass to actually see them but the results are easily spotted.  If you see a fine silk webbing on the plants then you know you have a real problem.

So what to do about Red Spider Mite?

Traditional Organic Effective Control of Red Spider Mite

There is a simple and effective organic answer to controlling them, keep the humidity high by giving a gentle spray of water around the greenhouse. Whilst this won’t kill them off, they hate the damp conditions and don’t become a problem. At the same time, the plants like this damp condition and will do well for you

This has to be better than spending money on biological or chemical controls!

Sam Youd, head gardener of the world famous Tatton Park Gardens explains.

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