Compost Tumbler – Making Compost

This video from Harrod Horticultural shows their compost tumbler in action, producing high quality compost in just 4 weeks.

Compost TumblerConventionally, compost takes anything from 3 months to a year to produce and can be quite a laborious process.

Material is collected, stacked and then mixed and aerated by forking from bin to bin.

The compost tumbler  produces compost in the same way, encouraging the hot rotting of plant materials into a fine, crumbly, growth-enhancing material.

However, it saves you a lot of energy and good compost can be obtained in as little as a month.

The drum is rotated to mix the materials whilst it holds in the heat to encourage decomposition.

There’s more information about the compost tumbler from Harrod Horticulture here.

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