Patio Planter

This video from Harrod Horticultural shows their Manger Patio Planter. It’s a good solution for those with small gardens or even just a patio to grow some saladings and vegetables.

Manger Patio PlanterIt’s big enough to contain the depth of soil needed for the deep rooted vegetables in the middle, placing shallow rooted crops like strawberries to the side.

Because it lifts the plants to waist height, the manger patio planter helps those with back problems who cannot bend to get to ground planted crops and even provides access for those in a wheel chair.

Made from 2cm thick pressure treated FSC timber, it looks good and should last for many years.

As an optional extra you can get crop protection kits, keeping the birds and bugs from harvesting your efforts. There’s detailed information on this planter on the Harrod site here.

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