Watering the Plot Efficiently for Better Plants

Efficient Watering

Efficient watering will save your time, your money (if you have metered water) and most importantly give you better plants

Do You Need to Water?

The first question is do we need to water? It seems on our allotments that the moment the sun comes out so does the hosepipe. They spray away with no regard to any actual need and often their unnecessary watering does more harm than good.

Poor Watering Weakens Plants

Just spraying lightly encourages the plant roots to spread out on the surface rather than going down into the soil where the moisture and minerals are. These shallow roots are easily damaged and vulnerable to drying out in really hot dry weather.

I’ll show you how to test if you actually need to water in this clip. You’ll be surprised at the sophisticated tool I use to determine this!

You can find a range of watering equipment in the allotment shop including Water Butts, Soaker Hoses and Watering Cans

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